domenica 1 novembre 2009

Sunday Poll

1. Mood: Happy. It comes the sun..

2. Do you read or study with the TV or music playing in the background? No, it has to be silent when I study or read.

3. Do you wear glasses? Every Day

4. Outfit: Gym trousers, H&M Mickey Mouse sweater, Pink UGG

5. Cold weather — love it or hate it? Love if i am in NY

6. Eyes/Lips/Cheeks: Pupa black pencil, L'Oreal Extra Collagene Mascara, Shu Uemura flash pink fard

7. What was the last nice thing to happen to you? A sweet text, last night

8. Something you’d like to remind yourself of today: Don’t get tired. You have to study hard this week

9. Guys who carry man purses — yes or no? Sorry, no

10. Weekly goals: To pass my exams.

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